General Conditions of Use and Sale

Article 1 - Definitions

Article 2 - How our online booking service works

2.1 Alliance Evasion’s intermediation service

2.2 Completeness

Article 3 - Commitments of the Member

Article 4 - General Conditions

4.1 Contract with Members

4.2 Arrival and departure times

4.3 Reservation Changes – Cancellation

4.4 Relationship with the Partner

Article 5 - Financial arrangements

5.1 Prices and taxes

5.2 Basis of Payment

5.3 Price components and any additional costs

Article 6 - Updates

Article 7 - Dispute settlement procedures

Article 8 - Claims Management

Article 9 - Respect and non-discrimination

Article 1 - Definitions

SITE : Refers to the website published by Alliance Evasion available on the internet at and the associated mobile application (collectively, the “Platform”).

ORDER : Refers to any booking made by the Member on the platform

PARTNER : Refers to any partner who has signed a partnership agreement with Alliance Evasion with the aim of offering Members accommodation, catering, or related activities.

MEMBER : Refers to any natural person of age and ability, having an account on the platform allowing him to order services offered by Alliance Evasion.

DESCRIPTION : Refers to the descriptive sheets on the website, the descriptive sheet of the ordered service is available on the Member’s account. These Terms and Conditions of Use and Sale regulate the registration and use of the site «Alliance Evasion» accessible at

The site was put online, is operated and implemented by the association Loi 1901 «Alliance Humaine 2020» whose headquarters is established 32, impasse Bajou – 94230 CACHAN, declared in L'Hay-les-Roses sub-prefecture on 25/08/2020, Issue RNA W943008943 – Issue No. 20200036 – Announcement No. 1583.
In these General Conditions of Use and Sale, the Alliance Humaine 2020 is designated by the name of the site «Alliance Evasion».

Article 2 - How our online booking service works

2.1 Alliance Evasion’s intermediation service

Alliance Evasion owns the “” website and associated application (collectively, the “Platform”).

Through the Platform, Alliance Evasion provides an online booking service through which, among others, Accommodation Partners, including hoteliers, and other service providers (Partners) can offer their products and services to the reservation, and through which users of the Platform (Members) can make reservations. Alliance Evasion does not buy or (re-)sell booking products and services.

Alliance Evasion is not and does not become a party to any contract between Partners and Members. Alliance Evasion does not act as an agent for any Member or Partner. While we make every effort to ensure that our Members have excellent experiences with Alliance Evasion, we do not and cannot control the conduct of Members and Partners and we do not guarantee :

- The existence, quality, security, relevance or legality of announcements or host services.

- The veracity or accuracy of the descriptions of advertisements, comments or other content provided by the Partners.

You acknowledge that Alliance Evasion has no obligation to monitor the use of the Alliance Evasion platform and to verify the information provided by our Members, but has the right to verify the content, disable its access, delete or modify it to :

- Exploit, secure and improve the Alliance Evasion platform (including for fraud prevention, risk assessment, investigations or the Members service)

- Ensure the compliance of Members with these conditions.

- Comply with applicable law or the decision of a court or judicial, administrative or police authority duly empowered.

2.2 Completeness

The products and services offered for booking on the Platform may not be exhaustive. The listed Partners do not necessarily offer all of their booking products and services on the Platform.

Alliance Evasion does not refer to similar products and services offered by professionals or non-professionals with whom Alliance Evasion is not in a contractual relationship.

You will find on the Platform the number of products or booking services offered worldwide and available for booking on the Platform.

You will find on the search results page the number of Partners in the country, region or city where the service and/or product is sought.

Article 3 - Commitments of the Member

The Member guarantees the veracity and accuracy of the information provided by him on his behalf and on behalf and on behalf of all beneficiaries of the services ordered on the Alliance Evasion website and of which he is the agent (the “Beneficiaries”), to which these General Conditions of Sale are enforceable in their entirety .

The responsibilities of Alliance Evasion and MB2 Services may not be sought in any way if the information transmitted by the Member at the time of his registration and/or his order (name, postal coordinates, email, telephone, etc.) is false or erroneous. It is specified that the first and last names entered by the Member at the time of his registration and appearing in his “My Account” space (personal information) are automatically included in the information relating to members when ordering a stay: it is up to the Member to check that the information is correct with each order and, if necessary, to modify it.

The Member undertakes to preserve the confidentiality of its login credentials and not to communicate them in any way to a third party. Alliance Evasion and MB2 Services shall not be liable for any fraudulent or malicious use of its account, except to prove that such use is not the result of any fault or negligence on its part.

Alliance Evasion and MB2 Services reserve the right at any time not to contract with a Member if it turns out that the latter fraudulently used the site.

Alliance Evasion and MB2 Services intends here to recall the terms of article 313-1 of the French Penal Code :

"The fraud is the fact, either by the use of a false name or of a false quality, or by the abuse of a true quality, or by the use of fraudulent maneuvers to deceive a natural or legal person and thus to determine it, to his prejudice or to the prejudice of a third party, to deliver funds, securities or any other property, to provide a service or to consent to an act of obligation or discharge. The scam is punishable by five years in prison and a fine of €375,000".

Article 4 - Procedures for placing an order and formation of the contract

4.1 Contract with Members

By making a reservation through the Platform, you enter into a direct contractual relationship with the Partner with whom you make the reservation, unless specifically stated otherwise. Alliance Evasion forwards the details of your booking to the relevant Partner(s) and sends you a confirmation email in the name and on behalf of the Partner, unless specifically stated otherwise.

The order of a service on the Site is made according to the following process :

1. The Member selects the service of his choice to access his description.

2. The Member shall select the accommodation, the date of arrival and departure, the number of participants and the proposed ancillary activities.

3. The Member shall access a summary containing all the details relating to the dates, the service and the total price relating thereto, thus enabling him to verify the details of his order. The Member is required to ensure that all information displayed is consistent with the information he has selected, with the understanding that any subsequent modification or cancellation of its order will give rise to invoicing without prejudice to the application of more favourable cancellation and modification conditions which the Member could benefit from under an option subscribed or offered.

4. The Member shall provide the requested information (contact information, billing address, passenger information). It is specified that, where applicable, the order for a service by the Member is placed in the name and on behalf of all the Beneficiaries that it will indicate at this stage of the ordering process. The Member is responsible for ensuring that all information provided is correct. Invoicing is immediate.

5. The Member shall provide the necessary information for the payment of his order, in accordance with the terms and conditions set out in Article 4 below.

6. The Member validates his order, after having read and accepted these General Conditions of Sale, by ticking the box "I have read and accept the general conditions of sale of Alliance Evasion".

7. The Member shall receive an order confirmation by e-mail, together with the corresponding invoice. The information contained in the confirmation email constitutes the agreement between the Member and Alliance Evasion.

4.2 Arrival and departure times

Each Hosting Partner reserves the right to indicate its hosting terms or to agree on an arrangement directly with the Member, in which case the liability of Alliance Evasion will not be incurred.

4.3 Reservation Changes - Cancellations

The Partners and Members are responsible for any reservation changes they agree to make on the Alliance Evasion platform or request the Alliance Evasion member service to make on their behalf, and agree to pay any additional amount, fees or taxes associated with a booking change.

The cancellation and refund methods must be indicated by the Partner in the description of its announcement. Members should take note of this when consulting the announcement and booking of the stay, before validating the payment.

If the Member makes a cancellation request, the Partner receives a request by email that it can either accept or refuse according to the conditions previously described on its announcement, within 72 hours.

In case of acceptance of the cancellation request by the Partner and after verification of it by one of the administrators of Alliance Evasion, if it is validated, the full or partial refund will take place within 15 working days from the cancellation of the reservation.

4.4 Relationship with the Partner

The Partner is responsible for noting in its announcement all the conditions inherent to the reservation of the accommodation: conditions and cancellation fees, conditions of deposit, possible establishment of a contract with the member before the stay, minimum time before booking, minimum time for booking, pricing of additional charges.

The Member is responsible for consulting all the conditions included in the Partner’s announcement. Alliance Evasion and its partners assume no liability for negligence and/or bad faith.

Article 5 - Financial arrangements

5.1 Prices and taxes

The descriptions of the services presented on the Site specify for each service the elements included in the price and any specific conditions.

All prices are displayed in Euros, all taxes included excluding application fees. In accordance with the VAT system for travel agents, the invoices issued by Alliance Evasion do not mention the VAT collected on the services sold.

If, as a result of a material error, the price displayed on the Site or communicated to the Member by any other means is clearly insignificant or unreasonably low in relation to the objective value of the Service, Alliance Evasion can cancel the booking file without any fees or penalties. The Member may make a new reservation according to availability and according to the correct price of the Services.

It should also be noted that certain additional taxes or charges (in particular tourist tax, tourist tax, visa and/or tourist card fees...) imposed by the authorities of certain countries are not included in the price of the services. These are the responsibility of the Member and may have to be settled locally. They will be indicated separately on the description and/or on the invoice.

No dispute concerning the price of the stay may be taken into consideration after the validation of the order by the Member, who evaluates before his purchase if the price suits him, accepting for tourist packages the fact that it is a flat price including services whose prices cannot be detailed by Alliance Evasion.

In addition, in general, and unless otherwise expressly stated, the prices do not include all expenditure of a personal nature or incidental to the performance, such as insurance, administrative formalities, laundry, telephone, drinks, room service, gratuities, and more generally any services not expressly included in the order summary.

When the order includes a hosting service, prices are displayed

- Per person and per period of stay on the basis of double occupancy,

- For hotels and furnished rentals, by accommodation and duration of stay.

When a hotel does not offer a preferential rate for a single room, the price of the room offered is that of a double room, even if it is occupied by only one person.

Finally, Alliance Evasion reserves the right to cancel or refuse any order from a Member with whom there is a dispute regarding the payment of a previous order. In this case, Alliance Evasion reserves the right to settle its claim against the latter by offsetting the sums paid and to claim the balance due for the new order from the Member.

The price of the services may, at the request of the service providers, be modified up to 20 days before the date of departure according to significant variations, in particular upward, affecting the cost of exchange rates. These changes will be reflected in the price of the service only in proportion to their share in the calculation of the price of the service.

5.2 Basis of Payment

Alliance Evasion reserves the right to return to the Member at any time after the order (whether it is settled or not), for requests for additional information and/or supporting documents related to the payment of the order (copy of the bank card used, copy of the bearer’s ID...).

Alliance Evasion prohibits the purchase of services by a minor. Alliance Evasion cannot be held responsible in the event that, despite this prohibition, a minor orders a service.

All orders are payable in Euro using the following credit cards: National Blue Card, VISA Card or Eurocard/Mastercard Cards

The Member shall ensure that he is fully entitled to use the payment card used and that it provides access to sufficient funds to cover all costs necessary for the payment of the order. The commitment to pay given by means of a payment card is irrevocable. Payment may be refused only in the event of loss, theft or fraudulent use of the card. Apart from these cases, which have been narrowly accepted by the legislator, the cardholder is guilty of credit card fraud. In particular, the right to object to payment cannot be used to compensate for the absence of a right of withdrawal, Alliance Evasion reserves the right in this case to take all recovery measures and, if necessary, to refer the matter to the competent courts.

With each payment by bank card, the Member has the choice to memorize or not his banking information in order to facilitate his subsequent payments. The Member must then confirm the expiry date of his bank card to validate his future payments. After 2 failed attempts to confirm the expiry date, the Member’s banking information is automatically deleted. If the Member wishes to delete his banking information once it has been stored, he can do so at any time from the «My Account» section.

5.3 Price components and any additional costs

The rates displayed on the Platform are set and communicated by the Partners. Rates are displayed for the various options or combinations of options offered by the Partner.

Unless otherwise stated, an option is the combination of several data: date of arrival, date of departure, type of accommodation, occupancy, meal (if applicable) and cancellation conditions. In some specific cases, some complementary aspects may also define an option.

The tariff posted on the Platform includes all fees and all mandatory taxes to the extent that these fees and taxes are known to Alliance Evasion and can be reasonably calculated. Any additional fees and fees vary depending on the country, the Partner, the type of accommodation chosen and the number of members. The description of each tariff indicates which taxes are included in the tariff and, where applicable, which are excluded. You will find the information about the rate in your confirmation email. Please note that taxes may change depending on decisions made by local authorities.

The Platform indicates the equipment and services offered by the Partner (insofar as the Partner has communicated this information to Alliance Evasion). To view them, click on the Partner’s name to access the offer details. Additional fees may be applied for services or facilities such as breakfast, housekeeping service, internet connection, etc... You can find out if the services and/or facilities offered are included in the rate.

Article 6 - Updates

All information about the Partners displayed on the Platform is based on the information (prices, availability, options) provided by the Partners, who update them, at their sole discretion and at their own pace, via their Partner account.

Alliance Evasion strives to update the Platform in real time. However, content updates (such as descriptions or the Partner’s equipment list) may take a few hours.

Article 7 - Dispute settlement procedures

The contractual relationship is established between the Partner and the Member. Consequently, any complaint concerning the conditions of stay or the performance of the service must be addressed to the Partner directly.

The provision of our services is governed by French law and the French courts have exclusive jurisdiction in this case. However, consumers can rely on all the mandatory legal provisions of the consumer law in force to assert their rights. In the event of a complaint, we advise Members of the European Economic Area to notify Alliance Evasion first by contacting our services. If after that, the complaint is still unresolved, the Member can transmit it via the dedicated platform of the European Commission. You can access this online dispute settlement platform at

Article 8 - Claims Management

You have several options to send a request or claim to our services. You will find an FAQ section for useful information to manage your bookings. On this page, you can also contact our Member Service via our fastest available channel: messages, e-mails or phone. All complaints are recorded in our system and will be processed according to their priority and urgency.

In the event of a discrepancy between the description of the accommodation and the reality, we will check the alleged inconsistencies, we will ask our Partner to modify the information available on our platform if necessary, and we reserve the right to suspend the Hosting Partner’s account on our platform in the event of a repeated problem for which no action has been taken. In case of incorrect rates, the Partner must contact the Member within a reasonable time before the reserved dates. We will then make every effort to find a satisfactory solution for both Members and the Partner.

Article 9 - Respect and non-discrimination

Any partner of the Evasion Alliance, regardless of its status as a Partner, Service Provider Partner or Member, must apply the principle of equality and non-discrimination. It can be summed up as follows : everyone will have to ensure respect for every individual in his person, whatever his physical appearance, his sex, his orientation, his profession, his religion, his state of physical and mental health or infirmity.

Everyone must apply the principle of benevolence towards others and not to cause physical and/or moral harm, in accordance with Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 10/12/1948 : "All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and must act towards each other in a spirit of brotherhood"